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The customer, the 5th largest Lead and Zinc mine in Peru, has been cooperating with Diemme Filtration for several years on different parts of the project.

The ore is extracted from an Underground Mine and then processed about 7 km away through a flotation process that generates streams of Pb Concentrates, Zn Concentrates and Tailings.
The Pb Concentrates slurry is dewatered by a ME model filterpress (with 29 plates, size 1200×1200 mm) achieving a residual moisture of about 6-7%. The tailings are dewatered by GHT model filterpresses (either with 2000×2000 mm or 2500×2500 mm size plates) and disposed of in a dry stack area.

Concerning Zinc Concentrates, the client and Diemme Filtration have worked together studying the process and testing the material in order to identify the optimal system to achieve the required performances. The Zn Concentrates, suspensions with about 30% w/w concentration and P80 of 94 microns, showed excellent filterability, typical for this product.
The model selected was the GHT.1500.F8 with mixed plates (50 mm chamber thickness before squeezing) expandable up to 31 plates to achieve a 30% increase in targeted capacity of 300 tpd. The residual cake moisture <7% is obtained through a filtration cycle that includes feeding, compacting, blowing and air squeezing.


The GHT-F model, equipped with a low-pressure cloth washing system and a high-pressure cloth washing system, is a heavy-duty equipment widely used in the mining industry as confirmed by the large installation base of Diemme Filtration.

Year: 2016
Country: Peru
N° and machinery model employed: 1 GHT 1500.F8 and 1 ME 1200 Diemme® Filtration

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