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In the area of Mina Gerais, Brazil, our Client had an iron ore mine that had been stopped by the Government following the 2019 disaster at the Brumadinho site because the tailings storage facility was a pond considered unsafe by the authorities.

To restart operations, the Client implemented the filterpress technology to dewater the slurry into filtered cakes and recycling the water back to the circuit.

Diemme Filtration’s scope of supply includes N°2 filtration lines with filter press mod. GHT.2500.F18 (and ancillary equipment) treating about 8000 tpd of solids.

The resulting cake residual moisture of 15% is an excellent performance that allows easy stacking resulting in a smaller footprint.

The Brazilian territory is now paying much more attention to the tailings management and the Dry Stack Technology is often explored and chosen with the goal of reducing risks to the environment and people.

Year: 2019
Country: Brazil
N° and machinery model employed: n. 2 GHT.2500.F18 Diemme® Filtration

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