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Overhead beam Filter Press GHS

The Diemme® Filtration GHS overhead beam filter-press is a robust and, at the same time, elegant machine. It is easily adaptable to different working conditions, and the overhead beam design ensures excellent functional reliability while allowing easy access to the plate pack.

Key Points

  • Suitable for filtration of corrosive products
  • Frame never comes in direct contact with the product
  • Automatic high-pressure washing system
  • Plate detachment system is protected from corrosion and dust
  • Laser (plate alignment control system)
  • Fast cloth replacement procedure
  • Easy maintenance of the plates

The filter plates hanging from the overhead beam of the GHS filter presses move automatically. A fast-moving device equipped with a carousel system can shift up to 30 plates per minute.

Design Features

Technical sheet
  • “Push to close” closure system uses a single-cylinder to push the moving head
  • Fixed and/or photocell side protections ensure operator safety
  • Anti-skid system
  • Platform for plate maintenance
  • Load cells
  • PLC (HMI – Human Machine Interface)


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