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Side beam Filter Press ME

The Diemme® Filtration ME filter press is a very versatile machine that can be used in many sectors. Designed for fully automatic operation, with a range of both large and small models, it can adapt to different plant situations.

Key Points

  • Fully automatic machine
  • Reduced technical times
  • Suitable for filtering corrosive and abrasive products
  • Plate shaking system
  • Low pressure and high pressure cloth washing system

The filtering plates, sliding on the side beams of the ME filter press, are connected to each other (and the mobile header) allowing a quick “accordion” opening.

Design Features

Technical sheet
  • Opening of the plate pack obtained by the movement of the mobile header
  • Fixed and/or photocell side protections
  • Low pressure washing system (for size 2.000 x 2.000 mm with jets on 4 points of the plate)
  • High pressure cloth washing system
  • PLC (HMI – Human Machine Interface)


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