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Red Mud (digested bauxite residue) is the industrial waste generated by aluminium refineries using the Bayer process to transform bauxite ore into alumina. The red colour is due to the presence of iron oxides (along with other oxides). For every tonne of Alumina produced, approximately 1-1.5 tonnes of Red Mud is obtained. The high production volumes and high alkalinity of this waste pose a significant environmental, safety and storage problem. Initially the red mud was sent to lagoons which, over the years, have proved to be a danger to the surrounding areas (possible flooding and destruction).

Diemme Filtration technology in the treatment of Red Mud

Diemme® Filtration has been among the pioneers in the industry to develop know-how in this field, working with numerous aluminium refineries in various parts of the world.

The plants that have adopted the Diemme Filtration solution have obtained these main results:

  • A more compact waste that is easier to transport.
  • Footprint savings compared to wet storage.
  • Elimination of flooding risks.
  • Recovery of soda ash to be reused in the plant.

Diemme® Filtration has become the designated partner of several large groups in the industry, working closely together to develop specific products for each customer and for the treatment of industrial red mud sludge.

The choice of materials compatible with typical temperatures and pH used in the Bayer process and the development completed to increase the flexibility of the equipment have allowed Diemme® Filtration to be recognised as a leader in Red Mud dewatering.


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