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CABE srl, based in Italy, is a company specializing in the production of aggregates of multiple sizes and types, intended for the construction sectors. In 2020, the total production of the “Ripa Calbana” quarry, in the municipality of Borghi (FC), saw a significant increase, and the client decided to contact Diemme® Filtration for the purchase of a second filter press-one had already been operating at the same plant since 2013. The choice came down to a GHT2000.P13 filter press.

The excellent relationship of trust and cooperation established over the years between CABE srl and Diemme® Filtration srl was the basis for relaunching a renewed partnership under the banner of innovation.

To CABE srl’s increasingly stringent needs for a reliable, efficient and economically and environmentally sustainable plant, Diemme® Filtration responded with a cutting-edge IIoT proposal: AIDA Service.

CABE srl therefore became the first Diemme® Filtration partner to activate the AIDA service and, thanks to the technological and plant engineering solutions adopted, in more than two years of operation, it has managed to reduce downtime due to unplanned stops, prevent breakdowns, improve the management of spare parts and reduce consumption, especially of water, thus achieving optimized management of the closed-loop plant.

In particular, it was possible to:

  • Avoid damage to the electric motor of the feed pump by supervising and analyzing the recorded abnormal power consumption;
  • Reduce the energy consumption of the compressor used for core blow, through the analysis of consumption when the plant was in stand-by mode;
  • Achieve 98% plant productivity.

Remote connection was the key to this success. Indeed, it allowed real time access to the various process and operating parameters of the filter press, which, in combination with the continuous supervision of our experts and the company’s know-how, enabled Diemme® Filtration to take another step forward in the solid-liquid separation industry.

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Year: 2020
Country: Italy
N° and machinery model employed: n.1 GHT.2000.P13 Diemme Filtration

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