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The Diemme® Filtration brand was born in the early ’70s when the filter press left the traditional application field of the food industry to establish itself in other industrial sectors as a process technology for solid-liquid separation.

In those years, the filter press became the machinery of choice for the treatment of industrial and municipal sewage sludge, a role that it still maintains today in all those applications, such as the mining and the chemical industries, the power plants and the oil and gas sector, where high dewatering performance, low operational expense and reliability are key drivers in the selection of technology.

Diemme® Filtration has the widest range of filters available on the global market in terms of size, design and technical characteristics. The equipment is tailor made and designed according to the needs of the specific application. Diemme® Filtration also began to design and supply its own range of high-rate thickeners, thus broadening the company’s scope of supply and giving more support to the customer.


Being aware that our systems contribute to make more sustainable the industries in which we operate through the recovery of water, the reduction of pollution risks and the reduction of energy consumption, strongly motivates us to continue on the path of continuous innovation undertaken long ago.

Every year, in fact, our engineers validate new ideas, study alternative solutions or develop new products for sludge disposal. This constant commitment, combined with the experience gained over the years, allows us to accompany our customers with extreme confidence from the identification of the problem to the implementation of the solution, confident that we can provide them, in every corner of the world, complete installation that represents the state of the art in the field of dewatering engineering.

Trust Never Ends.

Rosario Eduardo Tagliavini

Rosario Eduardo Tagliavini

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Giuseppe Ferraro

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