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After Sales

Once you have installed a Diemme® Filtration plant, you have the best technology in terms of performance, reliability and safety in the field of solid-liquid separation.

For our customers and partners, sludge treatment assistance must also be up to the mark and maintain the appropriate standards.

Our Customer Care combines the experience of our technicians – who have been installing, maintaining and supervising our systems around the world for years – with the benefits provided by AIDA, the innovative System Tutor available for process management and optimisation.

AIDA enables continuous support for customers to ensure the effective operation of machinery with numerous benefits:

  • Dynamic Maintenance Plans;
  • Real-time remote KPI monitoring;
  • Secure connection of our technicians for support.

All this via a single APP based on the Insights Hub Platform.

Spare parts

Online Catalogue

Diemme® Filtration provides an online spare parts catalogue that is customised and directly linked to the serial number of the equipment installed at the customer’s site. The online catalogue follows the specific configuration of that equipment. The catalogue allows the possibility to identify the component quickly, by means of 3D exploded drawings that immediately show the identification number of the components.

There is also the option of sending the list of components required for a quotation request.

Customers will also have access to the documentation of their system: Installation Manual, Operation and Maintenance Manual, P&ID, Dimensional Drawings.

There is also a portal specifically dedicated to sharing experience through training videos, webinars, technical information, process information and tutorials.

This platform, which is constantly evolving, allows the customer’s team to broaden their knowledge in order to be able to manage installations in a more autonomous and conscious manner.

The combination of theoretical and practical concepts will enable you to deal more competently with the various aspects of dewatering at your plant.

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