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Solid-liquid separation is also an important step in various applications in the food industry. One of the first uses of the filter press, at the beginning of the last century, was in the wine industry to treat, specifically, wine lees (yeast).

Main applications of Diemme Filtration products in the food sector

Diemme® Filtration has developed a great deal of experience in many applications including: processing and purification; for example:

  • filtration of proteins, yeasts, enzymes;
  • filtration/purification of vegetable oils, animal oils;
  • purification of beer, wine, beverages;
  • dewatering of sludge produced from physico-chemical and/or biological treatment of industrial waste water.

Often these applications require very detailed customization, linked to the choice of materials suitable for contact with the products (e.g. FDA compliant), including but not limited to, surface treatment of metal parts and adaptation to specific sector standards (DIN, etc.).

Sometimes the use in purification also requires treatment using kieselguhr/diatomaceous earth or other filter aids.


Case History

Vegetable Oils Refining in the Nederlands

Vegetable Oils Refining in the Nederlands

The customer mainly refines vegetable oil for the food industry. The oil comes mainly from sunflower seeds, peanuts, palm and fish. The customer already had old manual filter presses with poor filtration efficiency, resulting in very low refined oil recovery. Due to the challenging product…

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