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The filter press is the mechanical solid-liquid separation technology capable of achieving the highest degree of dewatering in industrial sludge treatment and beyond.

In the field of purification, the fields of application are many and involve practically all types of industry. Biological and chemical-physical sludges, sludges from drinking water treatment plants and sludges from material surface treatment processes are just some of the main uses in which the filter press has been consolidated over time.

In its long history, from the 1970s onwards, Diemme® Filtration has designed, manufactured and installed several thousand plants for which the final destination is water treatment.

Diemme Filtration’s experience in wastewater treatment

This type of market has many variables linked to the type of industry, the different flow rates involved and the customer’s objectives. Industrial purification also represents a cost for most users and Diemme® Filtration has developed systems capable of meeting these needs, reducing both investment costs and operating and maintenance costs.

Sometimes this type of sector requires temporary dewatering solutions and this has led to the development of mobile, modular and/or transportable types of systems.

Frequent collaboration with specialist plant engineers in the various markets has made it possible to finalise models with essential and precise characteristics for the required standards.


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