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The Oil & Gas industry is one of the most complex sectors due to both the variety of fields of application and the demand for standards specific to this industry.

Many solid-liquid separation processes are unprecedented and are the culmination of close cooperation between the customer, the engineering company and Diemme® Filtration. Installations of filter presses within ATEX classified areas are frequent and this involves a dedicated study, starting with the choice of suitable components through to risk analysis and the design of safety devices.

The operating conditions (in particular high temperatures) and the composition of the products to be treated are decisive elements in the choice of materials, sometimes decided following compatibility tests to assess their reliability and durability.

In this type of industry, Diemme® Filtration has achieved enormous expertise by developing an extensive list of references in many parts of the world.

Main applications of Diemme Filtration in the Oil & Gas sector

It is not easy to find typical categories in this industry; in several cases the solid-liquid separation and industrial sludge treatment steps are distinguished by being unique.

In many hydrocarbon refineries, the filter press is used for purification to achieve very high degrees of purity (especially for lubricating oils), also requiring the use of kieselguhr (or similar materials) as a filter aid or precoat. Other examples can be the separation of carbon residues in gasification processes, where high performance and very particular components are required. In certain processes, solid-liquid separation is also used to recover reagents that can be reintroduced into circulation with considerable savings in operating costs (this is known as “reclamation”).

Never before has research and development, combined with laboratory testing, made it possible to achieve high performance in a very demanding environment.


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