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In most nuclear and fossil fuel power plants, unpurified water is used for both steam production and as a cooling medium. In order to increase the electrical efficiency of these power plants, it is necessary to remove all pollutants and other elements harmful to the process from the recovered process water.

Accordingly, Diemme® Filtration has developed experience in this field, building up an extensive list of references in various parts of the world.

Main applications of Diemme Filtration in the energy and power sector

In gas, oil or coal-fired thermoelectric power stations, the emissions must be treated as they can contain dangerous substances. In these cases, the vapours are desulphurised by wet treatment with lime and limestone, generating a sludge containing mainly calcium sulphate, ash, hydroxides, and heavy metals (e.g. FGD, DeSOx).

Diemme Filtration’s filter press technology is the most consolidated and versatile equipment for this type of application, achieving high reliability, and dewatering performance for treatment of industrial sludge.

Diemme® Filtration’s ability to adapt to the high standards required by the various installations, both in terms of design and choice of components and materials, is well established.

The Diemme Filtration filter press is also commonly used for the purification of the water coming from different areas within these power plants and flowing to the physical-chemical treatment plant.


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