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The High School visits the company!

As part of the PCTO project, we are delighted to have received a visit from three fourth-year classes of the Liceo Scientifico di Lugo (4AS, 4BS, 4ASA).The students spent the entire morning in the company visiting some strategic company departments, where they were able to see at work the scientific and IT skills they are acquiring during their school career.

The tour of the company included the electrical department, where the students saw the components of an electrical panel up close. They then visited the laboratory, where the instrumentation for characterising sludge samples and the bench equipment used for filtration tests were shown to them. In the testing department, on the other hand, they were able to see a filter press in action, delving into some aspects of its operation, especially from a programming point of view. Finally, Diemme Filtration presented AIDA, its new 4.0 customer support service based on data collection, analysis, processing and artificial intelligence, to the high school students.

The three classes proved to be attentive and intrigued, actively participating in the visit with pertinent questions and requests for more in-depth information, effectively decreeing the success of this ‘experiment’ of sharing between the corporate world and schools.

Thanks to all the students and teachers, see you next time!

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