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The new Diemme service for your filter presses

Diemme Filtration’s filter presses are reliable, high-performing and safe: to ensure their optimal operation and longevity, it is important to know their characteristics, ensure they receive the necessary care and provide a few simple routine maintenance measures. For this reason, we have decided to renew our approach to service, to offer you a comprehensive solution that is better suited to your needs. It is based on three fundamental principles: proactivity, collaboration and innovation.

  • Proactivity: we do not wait for you to call us for a service intervention.
    Thanks to IIoT technologies, we constantly monitor the status of the machines in your plant, their efficiency and energy consumption. In this way, we can predict any anomalies or malfunctions and take preventive action, reducing downtime and possible repair costs.

  • Collaboration: we don’t leave you alone with the machines.
    We offer you constant and personalized support, both remotely and on-site. Remotely, you can contact our experts by phone, chat or video call for assistance, advice or training. Not only that, our trained technicians are ready to intervene directly at your facility if needed. To enable you to handle the simplest and most routine operations independently, we provide a dedicated training program for you.

  • Innovation: we are not satisfied with providing you with quality service.
    We want to offer you a service of excellence, exploiting the full potential of new technologies and adapted to your specific needs. That’s why we use advanced diagnostic, predictive maintenance and troubleshooting tools that enable us to intervene effectively, reducing risks and optimizing machine performance.

Contact us to find out more about our new service and to request a customized quote. We are at your disposal for any questions or concerns.

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